Omega Capital Street LLC

 Direct Lending Operations

As a DIRECT LENDER our core competency is commercial real estate finance, which is primarily facilitated through our Direct Lending Platform to finance various  types of commercial real estate mortgage loans, CMBS-style loans, premium finance loans, life settlement term loans to businesses, corporate debt, and various commercial real estate-related debt investments in the U.S.

  • We focus on core asset financing opportunities and originating CMBS-style loans and/or Bridge Loans.
  • We structure financing for income-producing core assets including office, hotel, condominiums, and retail shopping centers as well as ground-up developments and entitled land developments.
  • All loans are secured by senior debt mortgages, mezzanine mortgages, and in some cases equity participation financing structures.

Rates and Terms
Since OMEGA was formed in 2007, we have built a foundation for consistently executing our services efficiently for borrowers and their intermediaries by maximizing our experience in commercial real estate, deal structuring, and structured finance to deliver effective property-level financing solutions with extremely competitive rates and terms. We work closely with our borrowers along every step of the process to meet their financing objectives. OMEGA utilizes its in-house commercial real estate lending platform to originate, underwrite, fund and service quality lending opportunities. These opportunities are vetted through OMEGA’S credit and risk management processes. The loans we make are secured by income-producing properties, such as apartments, offices and light-industrial properties and neighborhood retail centers:


Omega IM Group LLC

Insurance Premium Capital Markets Program

Omega’s Insurance Capital Markets Program is designed to assist agents, BGAs, and wealth management advisors expand their asset protection and estate planning insurance products and services. Our solution is designed for insurance policy seekers that are approved for premium finance funding. Consequently, their requirement to pay the interest on borrowed funds is mitigated within our program by delivering annual dividend-income to the policyholder. What makes this such a solid structure for the clients are twofold; (i) they will have the protection of their investment secured by our financing of commercial short to mid-term property loans, which are pre-sold to CMBS securitization firms prior to Omega funding the loans. Hence Omega in this particular situation, acting as a Correspondent Lender, will simultaneously sell these loans at the closing table. This allows Omega to turn over the loans every 3-days, which also mitigates the risk of holding the assets on the Balance Sheet for an extended period of time. Consequently, this provides Omega its liquidity to meet any redemption needs for the insurance capital markets product. This program entails a streamlined process that effectively provides agents all the necessary assistance coupled with efficient procedures from start to finish as described below:

  • The agent presents the approved line of credit along with an application from the beneficiary.
  • Omega reviews application and then issues a suitable questionnaire to determine if the client is eligible for the program.
  • The beneficiary, through the agent, is sent a subscription agreement detailing Omega’s structured product and fixed investment terms.
  • Upon application approval a closing shall occur within five (5) business days.

Omega Asset Management

Premium Finance Operations

The purpose of this company is to engage in all activities specifically centered around and without limitation to Life Insurance Premium Financing in addition to providing loans collateralized by Eligible Collateral and/or the Guaranteed Cash Surrender Value ( “GCSV”) of a life insurance contract within the United States and globally. Life Insurance Premium Financing entails the lending of funds to a person or company in order to cover the cost of an insurance premium mainly devoted to financing life insurance policies as part of their estate planning.  In addition to financing life insurance premiums, the company shall also monetize and access existing GCSV values in existing inforce life insurance contracts. The individual or company requesting insurance must sign a loan agreement with Omega. The loan arrangement may last from one year up to the life of the policy. Omega shall then pay the planned premiums directly to the insurance company, usually in monthly, quarterly, or annual installments, or in predetermined sums. In cases where there are existing GCSVs of inforce or paid-up life insurance contracts, they are to be pledged to Omega as collateral for a loan. Those loan proceeds are then distributed directly to the borrower. Omega’s client profile of whom shall engage in the premium finance and GCSV lending transaction encompasses the ages of 1 to 121 with a net worth of $5MM (USD) or greater, or a future net worth of $5MM (USD) or greater. Only indexed universal life and whole life contracts will be considered to be eligible collateral. Furthermore, Omega will facilitate the aforementioned financing with a fully collateralized loan arrangement with the intention of holding the life insurance policy and other eligible collateral to maturity or repayment of the outstanding loan. Traditional financing arrangements are generally established for estate liquidity and business continuity purposes. The borrower may decide to implement various exit strategies for the loan, which include but are not limited to using other assets within the estate, using accumulated cash values within the life insurance contract, or the proceeds paid from the life insurance contract’s benefit. Omega shall possess and may exercise all of the powers and privileges granted to it and may also acquire additional portfolios consisting of premium financing loans from outside lenders.

Omega FLK Property, LLC

Hospitality Assets

Omega FLK Property, LLC (FLK) shall seek and acquire real estate properties for development and/or hospitality operations located in the Florida Keys. Currently Omega is under the construction process at a property located in Marathon, Florida within the beautiful Florida Keys that is comprised of 2.9 +/- acres of land, twenty-five (25) entitled transient hotel rooms, a pool and commons area, and marina dock with (20) boat slips. The hotel and marina is currently operating as a multi-tenant property generating steady income with month-to-month rental units at a 100% occupancy rate. FLK’s mission is to transition from this month-to-month rental platform by developing a premier family-friendly peaceful resort hotel destination for families and couple’s seeking a picturesque vacation spot, a perfect setting for weddings, a romantic getaway, or a tropical venue to host special events. FLK shall hire a seasoned hotel management operator pursuant to the renovations/re-positioning and will rebrand the property under the new name of Bluewater Cay Hotel & Marina Resort. This property was acquired through a lease-to-purchase agreement of which FLK paid the current owner a security deposit with ongoing monthly lease payments for a 5-year term combined with an option to purchase the property at an established pre-confirmed fixed price.

Summit Real Estate Group

Real Estate Cloud Based Sales & Brokerage Services

Over the past 8 years, SRG has successfully developed a comprehensive platform for real estate agents and brokers to grow their business. Born out of the “traditional model” being too antiquated and costly, SRG was established to provide agents a cost effective cloud-based system offering a more enjoyable real estate experience, while still offering the much needed structure. Today SRG can strongly boast having one of the industry’s top 100% commission program, premium online marketing tools, quality training programs and strong relationships with the industry’s leading companies and affiliates. Join the future of real estate today and take your real estate career to new heights!

L&W Title & Escrow Company

Title & Escrow Cloud Based Services

We know that buying a home is a significant commitment for the buyer and lender as well as the agents representing all parties. As a result of this high level commitment, L&W is here to assist in providing the best service possible to accommodate your needs during the closing process. The LYDOLPH & WEIERHOLT TITLE INSURANCE company makes your success our priority. We offer the following services:

  • E-Closings
  • Mobile Closings
  • Residential services
  • Commercial Services
  • Escrow Services